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V1 Dive was founded by Jeff Samuel. Jeff is a Hampton Roads native, born In Virginia Beach, Virginia. He attended Catholic school growing up, transferring to Salem High School to complete his high school education. Jeff grew up playing competitive travel soccer and was selected to the All-State team for his high school. After high school, Jeff went on to Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA, where he continued playing soccer for two years.

In December 1996, Jeff joined the US Navy, attending boot camp and Radioman (RM) school, then traveling out to Coronado, CA to attend BUD/S. Jeff completed BUD/S in Class 215, officially becoming a US Navy SEAL stationed at Little Creek, VA at SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Team 2. Prior to heading back east, he attended SDV school and mixed gas diving courses. Upon arrival at SDV2, he completed thousands of dives, piloting, navigating the SDV and other special mission dives. Also, while at SDV2, Jeff received his dive supervisory certificate. He was able to supervise basic SCUBA, Closed Circuit, and Mixed-Gas diving. He was also certified to supervise SDV and Dry Deck Shelter (DDS) dives. These certifications and experience catapulted Jeff to among the very best in the US Navy, as it is the most risk adverse diving in the US Military.

After spending 8 years at SDV2, he was assigned to the SDV school in Panama City Beach, FL. While instructing and supervising complex SDV and Mixed-Gas dives, he received his Master Training Specialist credentials. This entailed both writing curricula and implementing new teaching techniques.

In 2007, 10 years after becoming a Navy SEAL, Jeff was assigned to Naval Special Warfare Development Group. Only the top 1% of Navy Seals can be assigned to this command due to it being a National Mission Force requiring the very best of the US Military. While stationed at NSWDG Jeff went on 9 combat deployments with hundreds of missions. Also, while assigned at NSWDG he was an integral operator in three National Defense operations. In 2008, he was severely injured in a combat mission in Iraq, landing him in ICU and in a hospital bed for over a month. With sheer self-determination, he recovered and made his team’s next combat deployment. Jeff’s hard work and track record allowed him to be selected as the team leader on a successful US hostage rescue mission in Afghanistan in 2012.

After completion of his last deployment, he built an undersea component for NSWDG. With this position, he directed all aspects of NSWDG combat diving to include training design and implementation, development in navigation and propulsion equipment, and developed precision combat diver tactics.

In January 2017, Jeff retired from the US Navy.

While serving in the US Navy, Jeff was awarded the Navy Cross, four (4) Bronze Stars with Valor, two (2) Purple Hearts, a Joint Commendation with Valor, and five (5) Navy Achievement medals.

Newly “retired,” he became a PADI Scuba Instructor. He completed his IDC course, his MSDT training, and became an SSI instructor.

Jeff was also hired back as a civilian, to fill the Undersea Director position that he had developed at NSWDG.