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Affordable Underwater Maintenance and Diving Crew at Your Service

Yachts and boats are expensive investments so their upkeep should only be entrusted to an expert. At V1 Dive, we take great pride in our competent maintenance crew! Our underwater maintenance and diving company is staffed with trained and experienced technicians that can provide you with the maintenance solutions and support you require.

V1 Dive Offers the Following Services:

Every vessel has a different hull configuration, propellers, running gears, and drafts. V1 Dive offers a variety of maintenance programs such as Weekly, Bi-Weekly and, Monthly cleanings, which involves removal of algae and barnacles from hull and running gear. The benefits of these programs are less fuel consumption, maintaining boat speed, and saving money from costly haul-out fees. Depending on the age of your paint and the usage of your boat, we would be able to recommend which maintenance plan is best suited for your situation.

No matter how complex your vessel’s build, our team can handle it. Rest assured that by the time we are done the cleaning, no dirt will be seen and no mold will get in the way of your engine. V1 can offer a customized Maintenance Bottom Cleaning Plan – Customized to your needs or One Time Bottom Cleaning – Quoted by the job or the hour.


  • Lower resistance
  • Provide a smoother ride
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Obtain better acceleration
  • Achieve a higher top speed
  • Keep gel coat protected
  • Protect from engine overheating
  • Provide a simpler anti-fouling paint job

V1 Dive will take care of all your propeller needs. We will remove the growth on your propeller with the utmost care. Our professional divers take care of your vessel like it’s our own, and help protect your vessel and drive train with personalized service from our knowledgeable divers.

From time to time, commercial and pleasure boat vessel propellers should be removed, balanced and tuned ensuring maximum efficiency and decreased fuel consumption. If an unexpected run-aground or debris strike occurs, it may be necessary to have one or more blades rebuilt and the entire propeller balanced and trued. Regardless of the reason, trust in V1 Dive to get the job done right for you the FIRST time.

V1 Dive uses the best propeller reconditioning companies in the Hampton Roads area to ensure that no matter what level of servicing your propellers require, the results will equal that of a factory-new prop. No matter what size propeller your boat has, V1 Dive has the right tools for the job.

Cleaning your Propeller will provide:

  • Protection of your vessel’s drive train
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Faster acceleration
  • Higher top speed
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less Vibration
  • Prolong propellers life
  • Give you peace of mind

Growth on your propeller can result in the following:

  • Engine can’t reach full RPM
  • Lower top speed
  • Permanent Damage to propeller
  • Cleaning Frequency
  • Can damage transmission

Stray current, salt water, dissimilar metals or galvanic corrosion. Zinc can get very complicated and technical. However, the solution is very simple, zinc monitoring and replacement when needed. Our highly experienced divers are your eyes underwater. Zinc Anodes keep the metallic parts of your vessel from corroding. Extensive growth or worn anodes do not provide the proper protection for metal parts and those pieces will start corroding. Regular checks and timely replacement of your zinc anode’s will keep your vessel in tip top shape. We will determine when zinc anodes need to be replaced and replace them promptly.

How do sacrificial zincs anodes work?

If two dissimilar metals (such as a stainless steel drive and bronze propeller) come into contact underwater a constantly occurring stream of electricity passes from one metal to another through the water. The metal that is more active among the two will corrode first. When a sacrificial zinc is attached to the hull, shaft, trim tabs, and propeller; the zinc is the active metal in this circuit and hence it corrodes before your expensive boat metals. When the zinc is at the end of its life one of our divers will replace it to prevent damage.

Different type of zinc anodes we replace:

  • Shaft Zinc
  • Rudder Zinc
  • Trim Tabs Zinc
  • Hull Zinc
  • Prop Nut Zinc
  • Stern Drive Zinc
  • Skag Zinc

V1 Dive specializes in underwater recovery. If you’ve ever dropped your keys off the dock or lost those designer sunglasses, you’ve come to the right place. Our staff is extremely cautious when it comes to underwater recovery. We know that every movement in the water can push your valuables further away and stir up silt making it hard to see underwater.

Our goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible while at the same time recovering your valuables. Most accidents occur right at the dock, common accidents include losing car or house keys, sunglasses, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. V1 Dive is here to find your missing valuables.

What To Do When Valuables Go Overboard:

  • Mark the site closest where the item went in by buoy, anchor, glow stick or fender with line attached.
  • Call V1 Dive as soon as possible.

Underwater Surveys and Insurance Inspections

V1 Dive can provide a detailed assessment of all the underwater machinery in your vessel or a pre-purchase inspection. It may also be carried out as a separate assignment for a vessel owner who just wants his boat checked out. The pre-purchase survey or insurance inspection includes an underwater inspection of all machinery, hull and through hulls. Usually, we can provide this all during your monthly hull cleaning. Underwater machinery must be inspected for collision damage, corrosion damage and wear.  Before you buy a boat or yacht, call V1 Dive for a comprehensive underwater inspection of the vessel’s hull, running gear and metals

Underwater Inspections / Photography / Video

V1 Dive provides you with the options of video and still images of your hull during underwater hull cleaning or underwater inspections. Underwater hull and propeller video is often utilized for documentation and insurance purposes. We can perform underwater inspections and provide written reports of our findings as well as CD or DVD. Protect yourself and your investment by having video of your hull, propeller and shaft and least every year.